New Jersey Residents For Action Against Gun Violence

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      The Second Amendment , like any other right, is not unlimited. For example, although we are guaranteed freedom of speech , it is prohibited  to yell "fire" in a crowded building. It is a felony to threaten to assassinate the the President of the United States.


                                    We are advocating for :


 1. Universal background checks on all commercial gun



The Manchin-Toomey Senate Bill and King –Thompson House Bill will

close the gun show loophole which currently allows firearms to be sold

by private dealers to individuals with no background check.

   These bills also strengthen penalties for straw purchases wherein a

firearm is purchased by an individual then sold to someone who can not

pass a background check.


2. Federal limits on ammunition rounds 


      Currently most states have no limits on the amount of ammunition

rounds in a firearm . Many ammunition magazines carry up to 100

rounds of ammunition. This ofcourse increases the chances of mass

murders in a shooting as the gunman does not have to pause to reload.



3. Federal ban on assault rifles

         Assault rifles can kill more accurately and are easier to hold thereby

making it the weapon of choice for those intending to kill easily and more

accurately. There is no reason why military style assault weapons used in active

combat should be on our streets.  

  A Fairleigh Dickinson Poll taken February 2013 showed that 75% of NJ

residents support greater gun control legislation. A poll taken by Mayors

Against Illegal Guns taken in March of 2013 showed that over 90% of

residents in New Jersey favor background checks on all commercial

gun sales.


  We are telling our federal and state elected officials that nothing less

will do.

      Let your lawmaker know TODAY that we need to pass

                      common sense gun regulation